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Have you gotten your hands on a copy of Rachel Hollis’ latest book, Girl Stop Apologizing? Rachel lays out important actions she has taken to attain her level of success. In a world of people telling you to just follow yours dreams, Rachel explains that you can’t just dream, sit back and hope for the best. Achieving big dreams requires hard work, a plan, discipline, and sacrifice.

Rachel’s message is that we need to stop apologizing for who we are and how we are “wired.” We have to stop making excuses for why we aren’t succeeding and stop blaming others for our lack of progress. She shares what keeps her on track like her 10-10-1 rule, getting up an hour earlier than her family, finding a place to work that is not distracting, avoiding time-wasters like social media, eating healthy, exercising daily, creating measurable goals, enlisting help, being a hustler, and so forth.

I love Rachel’s personal examples and practical advice. If people put into practice just a few of her life-principles, they are sure to reap the benefits. This book is not about theology. It’s not about living a Christian life-style. It’s not even about being a mom. This book has a purpose and it hit the bullseye. Rachel talks about her personal health and fitness through eating, sleeping, and exercise, but she does not talk about taking days off. That was not the point of her book so I have no complaints for her leaving it out.

One of the stories Rachel shared was how she decided to forego resting at an airport, even though she was exhausted, so that she could work on her book edits. She mentioned that she was willing to sacrifice rest in order to meet her objectives. This story made me think about how many people out there sacrifice rest in order to be productive.

Many people have no idea that rest is an important part of increasing productivity. Medical research reveals that the brain needs days off in order to restore itself. Many studies even connect REM sleep to emotional memory processing (Walker & van der Helm, 2009). Professional athletes and trainers will tell you that you must take one day off a week for your muscles to rest and restore. The Bible even talks about how we should take a day off for sabbath rest (Exodus 20:8-11). Without rest at least one day per week, we end up being less productive on the other six days.

My encouragement is to read Rachel’s book and figure out how to apply it to your life. However, don’t become a “hustler” and neglect to take days to reset and restore in the process. Achieving your goals while being emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally healthy is what will make you a real success story.




Walker, M. P., & van der Helm, E. (2009). Overnight therapy? The role of sleep in emotional brain processing. Psychological bulletin, 135(5), 731-48.



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Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom

Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom

This book was okay. I read it because I am a believer and wanted to learn about Pattie’s story. I did enjoy learning her powerful testimony. It’s a story about a girl from a broken family, who was sexually abused. She writes about her encounter with God and his faithfulness to her throughout her life. Her attention to detail about her sex partners as a teen and fighting with Justin’s dad was a bit too lengthy for me. I also couldn’t finish the last fourth of the book. She dedicates the last third of the book to Justin. I stopped reading after a story about losing Justin in the shopping mall for 10 minutes. Doesn’t that happen to almost every mother? I know it happened with my son twice, my nieces and nephews have done it to my sisters, and I’m pretty sure I did it to my mom. I just had a hard time reading about a mom doting on her son for 50+ pages about normal mother-child life and events. It just didn’t appeal to me. I do hope and pray that many people who have or are currently struggling with family issues, abandonment and sexual abuse find hope through her story. She has a great testimony that shows a very real dynamic of the ups and downs that most have with faith, as well as examples of God’s faithfulness and her journey of trusting him.